Online Abstract Submission
Deadline for Abstract Submission 14 September 2020
Online Registration
Deadline for Early-Bird Registration 14 October 2020
EBPOM-Asia/ASM 2020
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International Faculty
Dr. Simon DAVIES (United Kingdom)
Dr. Ravi GILL (United Kingdom)
Dr. Klaus GORLINGER (Germany)
Prof. Vijay GOTTUMUKKALA (United States of America)
Prof. Mike GROCOTT (United Kingdom)
Dr. Robert HACKETT (Australia)
Dr. Brian KINIRONS (United Kingdom)
Dr. Alexander KUMAR (United Kingdom)
Prof. Denny LEVETT (United Kingdom)
Prof. Monty MYTHEN (United Kingdom)
Dr. Mike NATHANSON (United Kingdom)
Prof. Carol PEDEN (United States of America)
Dr. Patrick PURDON (United States of America)
Prof. David WALKER (United Kingdom)
Local Faculty

Dr. Jonathan ASPRER
Ms. Suet-Yi CHAN
Dr. Timmy CHAN
Dr. Yee-Eot CHEE
Prof. Chi-Wai CHEUNG
Dr. Danny IP
Prof. Michael IRWIN
Prof. Manoj KARMAKAR
Prof. Paul LAI
Dr. Kwok-Key LAM

Prof. Simon LAW
Dr. Francis LUI
Dr. Andy NG
Dr. Clara POON
Dr. Anderson TSANG
Dr. Fiona TSUI
Dr. Gordon WONG
Ms. Sylvia WONG
Dr. Ting-Kwan YIM
Dr. Vivian YUEN
Workshop Facilitators
Dr. Albert CHAN
Dr. Sebastian S. P. CHAN
Dr. Phoon-Ping CHEN
Dr. Benny C. P. CHENG
Dr. Leo T. H. CHIU
Dr. Yu-Fat CHOW
Dr. Eric CHUNG
Dr. Yu-Fai CHUNG
Mr. Cheuk-Wai KAM
Dr. Dilys H. Y. KWOK
Dr. Jason T. Y. LAI
Dr. Carmen LAM
Dr. Chung-Wai LAU
Dr. Vivian LAU
Dr. Karen LEE
Ms. Sandy W. C. LEUNG
Dr. Charlotte LO
Dr. Henry C. Y. MAK
Dr. Louis Y. H. MOK
Dr. George W. Y. NG
Dr. Clara POON
Ms. Jasmine O. Y. TAM
Dr. Kai-Kit TSIM
Dr. Jaclyn WONG
Dr. Patrick C. P. WONG
Dr. Wing T. K. WONG
Mr. Shui-Kwong YAU
Ms. Pui-Ling YIP
Dr. Steven YIP

Faculty list: as of 5 August 2020

The faculty list is subject to change without prior notice.