Virtual Exhibition of EBPOM-Asia/ASM 2020

Congratulations to the following lucky draw winners:
Dr. King-Lik CHENG
Dr. Wing-Sum LI
Dr. Jin Ai Jean Marie LIM


Prof. Manoj KARMAKAR
Professor, Department of Anaesthesiology and Intensive Care, Prince of Wales Hospital, Hong Kong

Professor. Karmakar Manoj Kumar is the Director of Paediatric Anaesthesia and Consultant Anaesthesiologist at the Department of Anaesthesia and Intensive Care of the Chinese University of Hong Kong. Professor Karmakar is internationally recognized for his research in regional anesthesia, in both adults and children, and his areas of research interest include thoracic paravertebral block, spinal sonography, ultrasound guided central neuraxial blocks and local anesthetic pharmacology. Professor. Karmakar has pioneered many novel regional anesthetic techniques and published extensively, with a total 305 publication, of which 142 are in high impact peer review journals. His research work has been cited 2950 times (cumulative as of June 2019) and his H-index is 32. Professor Karmakar has been invited as a guest speaker to innumerable international meetings around the world, been a faculty of countless international workshops, and has lectured as a Visiting Professor at reputable international universities.

Ultrasound Imaging of the Brachial Plexus and Recent Refinements in Brachial Plexus Blockade

Ultrasound imaging of the brachial plexus is frequently performed for ultrasound-guided brachial plexus block (BPB). Recent advances in ultrasound imaging, and in particular high-definition ultrasound imaging, has made it feasible to accurately identify the individual elements (C5-T1; ventral ramus, trunks, divisions and cords) of the brachial plexus above the clavicle. As a result several  novel regional anaesthetic techniques have been developed, as alternatives to the traditional BPB techniques for upper extremity surgery, that improve patient outcomes and reduce potential complications. During this presentation the speaker will discuss how to perform a systematic ultrasound imaging of the individual elements of the brachial plexus above the clavicle, describe some of the novel techniques for BPB, and highlight the importance of performing a systematic ultrasound imaging of the brachial plexus before a BPB.