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About Hong Kong

Time Zone
Local Hong Kong time is eight (8) hours ahead of Greenwich Mean Time (GMT + 8).

Hong Kong has a sub-tropical climate with seasonal changes. It is winter in November, where there are pleasant breezes. Average temperature is ranged from 20°C to 25°C. Please visit for weather forecast and other details.

Visa Requirement
Visitors from most countries can enter Hong Kong without a visa for periods of 7 to 180 days, depending on nationality. Check with the Hong Kong Immigration Department for details about visa requirements.

Hong Kong International Airport
For the information of the Hong Kong International Airport, please visit their website at

Airport Shuttle Bus Service
The MTR’s high-speed Airport Express is the fastest way to get between the city and the airport. Passengers can take a free shuttle bus from Kowloon and Hong Kong stations to major hotels. See more details on the Airport Express and the shuttle bus services here.

Public Transportation
Hong Kong is so compact that getting around is quick and easy. An efficient public transport system – network of urban trains (Mass Transit Railway or MTR) and numerous routes of trams, buses, ferries and also taxi – enable visitors to explore Hong Kong conveniently and safely on their own. Tourist MTR 1-Day Pass is tailored for tourist travel around Hong Kong. Tourists can have any one day of unlimited rides on the MTR (except the Airport Express Line) within the ticket validity period.

The Hong Kong dollar (HK$) is the unit of currency used in Hong Kong. One US Dollar is about HK$7.80. Most foreign currencies and traveler’s cheques can be changed at banks, hotels and moneychangers. All major credit cards are widely accepted in Hong Kong and can be used to obtain cash advances at banks and automatic teller machines (ATMs). ATMs can be found almost everywhere and provide 24-hour cash withdrawal (HK$).

The standard voltage in Hong Kong is 220 volts AC/50 cycles. The plug/socket system in Hong Kong is a 3-rectangular-pin type.

International direct dialing, internet and e-mail facilities are easily accessible in Hong Kong. Most of the mobile telephone systems used around the globe operate in Hong Kong.

Sales Tax
Hong Kong does not have Sales Tax / GST / VAT.

Most major restaurants add a 10% service charge, but you are still expected to leave a tip of between 5-10%, depending on how well you feel you have been treated. Taxi drivers tend to round up the fare to the nearest dollar and if not, will appreciate a little extra. Bellboys, porters and washroom attendants will also expect a small tip.

Discover Hong Kong
For the most up-to-date tourist information, please visit the website of the Hong Kong Tourism Board at