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19 September 2022
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19 October 2022


Dr. Lowell LING
Assistant Professor
Department of Anaesthesia and Intensive Care
The Chinese University of Hong Kong

Dr Lowell Ling is an Assistant Professor at the Department of Anaesthesia and Intensive Care at The Chinese University of Hong Kong. He works at the Intensive Care Unit of Prince of Wales Hospital in Hong Kong SAR, China. His research interests include sepsis epidemiology and genomics in critical care.

Intensivists as a Detective: Sepsis of Unknown Origin

Sepsis is life threatening organ dysfunction due to abnormal host response to an infection. However, culture negative sepsis is found in up to one half of septic patients. Furthermore, 2-11% of critically ill patients have sepsis of unknown origin (SUO). In patients with suspected SUO, not only are microbiological investigations negative, the site of infection is also unclear. The question is, does this patient have sepsis even when infection cannot be confirmed? In this talk, we will explore the diagnostic challenges and investigative approaches in SUO.