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About Us

Our Background

The NTEC Simulation and Training Centre (STC) was previously known as the Institute of Clinical Simulation (ICS), a collaborative training facility between the North District Hospital and the Hong Kong College of Anaesthesiologists (HKCA).  ICS was one of earliest simulation centre in Hong Kong having provided simulation-based training to healthcare professionals since 2001. On 11 September 2013, the Centre reverted back to the sole governance of HA.  NTEC STC is now designated one of three full-motion simulation training units in HA and its main focus is perioperative and critical care simulation-based training.


The NTEC STC occupies part of an area that was originally designed to be a Labour Ward.  It consists of purposed-built clinical environment that may easily simulate operating theatre, recovery area, clinical ward, intensive care ward, emergency department and consultation room.  Equipment available at the Centre includes high fidelity simulators, CPR manikins and other part-task trainers. Audio-visual setup is installed to capture learners’ performance for debriefing and learning.


Our Vision

Our Mission

To enhance patient safety, clinical outcomes and quality of care through simulation-based training in NTEC and HA.


To provide a safe, innovative and experiential training environment for excellence in medical simulation education.


Our Governance

The Operation Team of NTEC STC is responsible for the day to day operations of the Centre.  It reports to the NTEC STC Management Committee chaired by NDH Hospital Chief Executive.   The STC Management Committee reports to NTEC Management and Operation Committee chaired by CCE.

NTEC Simulation and Training Center

Simulation-based learning is an innovative method for training patient safety in multidisciplinary settings.   The NTEC STC aims to provide innovative and high standard training for healthcare professionals in pursuit of patient safety and quality healthcare.

Our Info

Ward 3E, 3rd Floor, North District Hospital

(852) 2683 8302

(852) 2683 8342

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