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19 September 2022
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19 October 2022


Anaesthetic Clinical Advisor
Healthcare Safety Investigation Branch

Graduated from University of Birmingham. Consultant anaesthetist with specialist interest in head, neck and obstetric anaesthesia at Manchester University Foundation trust (MFT).
She is active in medical education and simulation, having published a number of anaesthesia books, including Core Topics in Obstetric Anaesthesia and an obstetric simulation manual, Decision making and Simulation in Obstetrics, Cambridge University Press.

She is an anaesthetic clinical advisor for the Healthcare Safety Investigation Branch, Obstetric Anaesthetists’ Association council member, chair of the simulation faculty and member of the MFT Human Factor Academy.

Enhancing Your Clinical Learning Environment

The clinical learning environment has been shown to impact on workplace learning, staff wellbeing and quality and safety of clinical care. (GMC (2016), Nordquist and colleagues (2019).

This presentation will challenge trainers and trainees to consider their clinical learning environments.

Barriers to learning in the clinical environment will be explored and ways of assessing the clinical learning environment will be discussed.
An educational tool, the educational checklist, will also be introduced.

The educational checklist is a tool that can be used to enhance any multidisciplinary learning environment. It is a checklist that is best used at the start and the end of every clinical session, be that in theatre, delivery suite, intensive care units or clinics.

A clear description of the checklist will be given, including the supporting educational theory.

Results of trainee feedback following implementation the educational checklist will be presented.

The website ( with all the information about the educational checklist will be shown, including a starter pack to aid implementation.
To conclude, future aspirations for the educational checklist will be discussed.

This presentation will be of value to anyone who is keen to make their learning environment as good as they can be!