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Prof. Jonathan CHOI
Associate Professor
Department of Biomedical Engineering
The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong

Professor Jonathan Choi is the Assistant Dean (Student Affairs) of the Faculty of Engineering and an Associate Professor in the Department of Biomedical Engineering and School of Life Sciences (by courtesy) at The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK). Professor Choi is the Communications Chair of the Bioinspired and Biomimetics Delivery Focus Group within the Controlled Release Society (CRS) and a senior member of the American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AIChE). He has recently served as a guest editor for the special issue entitled “Nanomedicines beyond Cancer” for Molecular Pharmaceutics. Professor Choi's research group investigates how non-cationic bionanomaterials interact with the living system, across the vast length scales of organs, tissues, cells, and organelle. They aim at developing novel techniques for delivering non-cationic bionanomaterials to various target cell types in vitro and diseased locations in vivo for therapeutic applications.

Nanomedicines for Managing Inflammation and Pain

A high mortality rate due to inflammatory diseases is a major concern throughout the world, negatively affecting the quality of life for individuals. Nanotechnology has enabled drugs and drug carriers to cross biological barriers and target specific diseased sites. Nanotechnology has been demonstrated to be effective in combating Coronavirus via the development of mRNA vaccines. The metal nanoparticles exhibit anti-inflammatory properties. MicroRNAs can be used to treat atherosclerosis by utilizing nanostructures of spherical nucleic acids. A variety of nanomedicine techniques have been developed to treat pain.