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19 September 2022
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19 October 2022


Mr. Cheuk-Wai KAM
Advanced Practice Nurse
Peri-Operative services
New Territories East Cluster
Hong Kong

Advanced practice nurse of Peri operative services in NTWC. Responsible for periop service in NTWC, such as Nurse-led Perioperative Anaesthetic Clinic, Surgery School, Family Link, Cardiopulmonary Exercise Test, Online Clinic. Also, as an anesthetic nurse and trainer in operation theater.

Introduction of Surgery School

Surgery School is a new service to NTWC which provides education on a range of topics to the patients and their families prior to elective surgery. School provides a platform to deliver information to patients in order to provide support and encouragement for patient prehabilitation. It aims to patients prepare for surgery, including to increase knowledge, to improve physical fitness and motivate behavior change. Surgery School was designed and delivered by multidisciplinary teams which includes peri-operative nurse, pain nurse and physiotherapist. Information is delivered to patients mainly by lectures and pamphlet. Furthermore, the Surgery School receives referral from the Nurse Preanaesthesia Clinic (NPAC) to carry out individual interview with patients whose conditions are needed to be closely monitored. To follow up the patients conditions, perioperative nurse can review and assess through Outpatient Nurse Clinic (OPNC). Moreover, the OPNC allows to follow up by different means of communication, like phone calls and video-conferences.

Surgery school has already started half year, thousands of patients and their families had participated in the school. The results and feedbacks were positive. We would like to modify and develop the service, and provide to more patients.