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Prof. Regina SIT
Associate Professor
Practice in Family Medicine
The Chinese University of Hong Kong
Hong Kong

Dr. Regina Sit is the associate professor of the Jockey Club School of Public Health and Primary Care. She is a Family Medicine Specialist, and she develops her special skills in pain management. She s a Certified Interventional Pain Sonologist by the World Institute of Pain. Regina obtained her Doctor of Medicine (MD) research degree from the Chinese University of Hong Kong. Her clinical and research interests focus on the study of musculoskeletal pain and regenerative medicine, with papers published in top-tier primary care journals including the Annals of Family Medicine and British Journal of General Practice. Regina has been appointed as the Lancet Commissioner on Osteoarthritis since August 2020. Currently, she is the director of the “CUHK-Jockey Club Pain Relief Project for Seniors”, and is leading an interdisciplinary team for chronic pain management in primary care.

Knee Pain and Clinical Therapeutics in Primary Care

Pain is the hallmark symptom in knee OA, which is likely a heterogeneous, multifactorial phenomenon that involves not only the OA disease process but also elements specific to patient psychology and pain neurophysiology. Characterization of pain phenotypes may aid in the understanding of pain experience and the development of interventions specific to pain for individual patients. Currently, management of knee OA consists of a combination of non-pharmacological and pharmacological treatment options, each with its limitations. Total knee replacements are effective but costly, therefore, it’s mostly reserved to patients with end-stage knee OA. Therefore, there is a compelling need to identify safe, effective and less-invasive therapy for knee OA, among which biomechanical intervention and injection therapy are potential therapeutics.