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Dr. Louis NG
Anaesthesia and Surgical Intensive Care
Changi General Hospital

“Clinical Assistant Professor(Duke-NUS) Louis Ng is a consultant anaesthetist and intensivist from Singapore. He obtained his Masters in Anaesthesiology(Singapore) in 2012 and is a fellow with the Australia and New Zealand College of Anaesthesia(ANZCA) since 2017. He is the Director of the Surgical Intensive Care Unit (SICU) and leads the Special Blood Services (SBS) in Changi General Hospital Operating Theatre. He also chairs as the hospital’s Blood Transfusion Committee and rolled out the hybrid massive transfusion protocol after successfully introducing Viscoelastic-Haemostatic Assay(VHA) guided hemostatic resuscitation to the hospital.  His clinical interest includes trauma, peri-operative blood management, ECMO, liver failure, complex and chronic ventilation.  He is also the clinical lead for in-situ high stakes and high-fidelity simulation program in SICU who takes and active role in medical education. Louis is an advocate of holistic ICU care with keen interest on early mobilization and aggressive rehabilitation.”

Challenges of Data Mining and Interpretation in ICU; Our Perspective

The field of data analytics has progressed signficantly over the last few years.  The usefulness of data analytics in healthcare cannot be denied.  Big data analysis has been shown to be useful in guiding healthcare resource management, optimising  system and improving quality of care.  It also plays an extremely important role in tracking performance of the healthcare services. However, the process of data collection, gathering and subsequent analysis is unique to individual sectors.  Even though many systems in healthcare are now digitalised, the challenges in acquiring useful information, interpreting and comparing them remains challenging.  In this talk we will explore the issues of "utilising big data" from our perspective.