Deadline for Abstract Submission:
20 October 2021 31 October 2021
Deadline for Early-Bird Registration:
20 October 2021 27 October 2021


International Faculty
Dr. Brian BATEMAN (United States of America)
Dr. Vanessa BEAVIS (New Zealand)
Prof. Fun-Gee CHEN (Singapore)
Dr. Eric KAISER (United States of America)
Prof. Paul KESSLER (Germany)
Prof.  Tae-Yop KIM (Korea)
Prof. Justin Sangwook KO (Korea)
Prof. Kate LESLIE (Australia)
Prof Jin LIU (China)
Prof. Jan MULIER (Belgium)
Dr. Louis NG (Singapore)
Dr. Milton RAFF (South Africa)
Prof. Jamie SLEIGH (New Zealand)
Prof. De TRAN (Canada)
Dr. Laszlo VUTSKITS (Switzerland)
Prof. David WALKER (United Kingdom)
Dr. Kenji YOSHITANI (Japan)
Local Faculty
Dr. Albert CHAN
Dr. Sebastian CHAN
Dr. Yee-Eot CHEE
Ms. Chiko CHONG
Dr. Grace HUI
Dr. Danny IP
Mr. Eric IP
Prof. Michael IRWIN
Dr. David KAN
Prof. Manoj KARMAKAR
Ms. Pony KONG
Dr. Philip LAM
Dr. Stanley LAM
Dr. Candice LAU
Ms Kristy LEE
Dr. Tony NG
Dr. Anthony NJO
Dr. Harry SIN
Prof. Regina SIT
Ms. Cindy YIP
Dr. Sunny YIP
International Workshop Speakers
Prof. Jamie SLEIGH (New Zealand)

Workshop Facilitators
Dr. Shek-Yin AU
Dr. Sylvia AU
Dr. Elise CHAN
Dr. Eric CHUNG
Dr. Jason LAI
Dr. Wesley LEUNG
Dr. Clara POON
Dr. Vincent SO
Dr. Cherie TSE
Dr. Rebecca YIM
Dr. Heidi YU

Faculty list: as of 18 November 2021

The faculty list is subject to change without prior notice.