Virtual Exhibition of EBPOM-Asia/ASM 2020

Congratulations to the following lucky draw winners:
Dr. King-Lik CHENG
Dr. Wing-Sum LI
Dr. Jin Ai Jean Marie LIM


Prof. David WALKER
Practicing Clinician, Critical Care and Perioperative Medicine, University College London Hospitals, United Kingdom


David is a practicing clinician in Critical Care and Perioperative Medicine at University College London Hospitals.

As a professor in the Centre for Perioperative Medicine at UCL he set up and runs the Masters Programme in Perioperative Medicine and with it an international clinical fellowship, supporting 15 fellows from around the world each year.  He has a research interest in the provision of high-risk surgical care and is the Clinical Lead for the Post-Anaesthetic Care Unit (SITU).  During the recent Covid-19 surge in London David developed and successfully operationalised a major cancer surgical programme which protected elective, major oncological surgery pathways throughout the pandemic. Currently,  David sits on the international board of perioperative Medicine and Evidence based Perioperative Medicine.


Training in Perioperative Medicine

Perioperative Medicine: the holistic and multidisciplinary approach to the care of patients contemplating, undergoing and recovering from surgery is recognised as an important professional development of the last decade. Supporting a growing workforce with the required teaching, training and education remains of central importance if this multidisciplinary team approach is to impact positively on outcomes and experiences for surgical patients. At University College London and University College Hospital we have a decade of experience, preparing healthcare professionals to become leaders in the field, through a successful blend of academic learning and clinical workplace experience. In this talk I reflect on both our own faculty journey and that of the students who have studied with us and who have gone on ultimately make their careers in this worthwhile area of clinical practice.