On behalf of the Organizing Committee, we warmly welcome you to this year’s Annual Scientific Meeting in Anaesthesiology. The meeting theme “Towards a Greater Mind” has been carefully chosen to highlight the importance of stimulating our minds with new knowledge and evidence, being more mindful of safety gaps in our current practice, embracing innovation and technology that can take anaesthetic care to new heights, and building resilience and well-being within ourselves to let us provide the best care for our patients.

Our scientific programme will bring you the latest developments in preoperative optimization, extended recovery stay, lower limb regional techniques in high risk cases, sharing from experts on managing the “pump and the pipes” inside and outside of our patients, and the “extra mile” anaesthetists can walk to improve comfort and safety for mothers and children. Our safety symposium, oxygenation workshop and crisis refresher workshop aims to explore ways to make the OR safer, and equip participants with skills to handle challenging anaesthetic scenarios. 

Woven into our social programme is a series of activities aimed to nourish the mind. The “Greater Mind Workshop Series” combine insights from neuroscience and behavioral psychology with meditation techniques to promote mindfulness and resilience. We also invite you to a unique chocolate workshop and labyrinth walking meditation experience towards the end of the day to unwind. A very unusual “patient” will present for “surgery” at our Congregation Dinner that requires the joint effort of all guests to restore well-being. Our new take on the evening promises laughter and excitement along with a delicious buffet.

The Hong Kong people is unique in our identity, energy and craving for novelty. Our city is constantly evolving with new sights, artistic installments, revitalization projects and dynamic food scene. We sincerely invite you to come experience the hustle-bustle of our metropolis and the tranquility of our hillside. 

The ASM is a place to renew friendships, extend our networks, and jointly explore current and future directions of our speciality. Come be inspired at our meeting and leave with a greater and healthier mind.

Prof. Chi-Wai CHEUNG
The Hong Kong College of

Dr. Steven WONG

The Society of Anaesthetists 
of Hong Kong

Dr. Vivian LAU
Organizing Committee
ASM 2019